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【擁抱力克】圖畫故事書系列  “Give Me a Hug” series

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2.10.2016 (SUN) 3pm & 7:45pm
Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Animation Master & Speaker: Davy Liu
Narrator & Speaker: Nury Vittachi
說書人及講者:Nury Vittachi

The Magic of Storytelling (3pm)

An enchanting dream that saves the animal's kingdom – A young fox named Kendu dreams each night of a giant leaf. While he is dreaming, Kendu fills something that is sorely lacking from his life: freedom. When an opportunity for escape from his oppressors presents itself, Kendu summons up all his courage and ventures out into the blackness of the Wilds despite warnings that a fearsome beast known as the Animal Eater resides there.In his adventure, Kendu teams up with his two newfound friends, Yitzhak, a rambunctious monkey and Odelia, a plucky koala bear, where he learns about the importance of friendship, teamwork and staying determined of finding the giant leaf from his dream.
Their journey is filled with surprises and is guaranteed to keep the audience mesmerized long after the story is over. Along with live orchestral performance by the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Davy Liu will retell this timeless parable of promise and hope, and take us on an enchanted journey with Kendu, while sharing with us how animation is one of the secret ingredients to the ‘Magic of Storytelling’.

The Magic of Parenting (7:45pm)
To many parents, acquiring the secrets to raise a brilliant and successful child is probably one of the most important missions in life. They seem to believe success is measured by the amount of time and money invested into their child, like engaging them in busy schedules of tuitions and extra-curricular activities.
Our think tanks - animator and motivational speaker, Davy Liu, and renowned journalist and author Nury Vittachi will join forces in revealing the secrets to creative parenting through storytelling and inspiring parents to limitless ways to nurture their children to excel and flourish. This not-to-be-missed event will fill the evening with heart-warming stories, tears and laughter.
在許多家長心中,尋找培養孩子成才的完美方程式是人生重要任務之一。很多人都以為孩子的成就與時間和金錢掛鉤,便日以繼夜安排排山倒的海課外活動擠滿兒女的時間表。劉大偉和著名作家Nury Vittachi將一起透過各式各樣的兒童故事揭曉"非一般"家庭教育的秘密以及啟發父母以無限創意來培養自己的孩子。充滿窩心故事、淚水及笑聲的節目,絕對不容錯過!

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